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We invite you to come relax and unwind at our beautiful location

Located in the heart of Arizona wine country just 50 miles south of metro Tucson, Flying Leap’s Estate Vineyards, Winery and Distillery facilities are one of the most beautiful wine venues in the southwestern United States. We’ve spared no detail in ensuring that the customer experience at our winery estate is first-class, premium comfort, and wonderfully extraordinary.

We invite you to come relax and unwind at our property, learn about Arizona grape viticulture and winemaking from our team of trained sommeliers, and discover the intricacies of the art of distillation.

All Flying Leap wine is produced solely from vineyards the company owns & operates in the state of Arizona. We do not purchase fruit from other growers, neither do we sell fruit to other wineries. Flying Leap operates with a very high degree of vertical integration, controlling the majority of the product value…

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Flying Leap Premium Wine

Flying Leap Premium Spirits


Flying Leap’s distilling emphasis is on grape-based spirits

Located 50 miles south of metro Tucson, Flying Leap’s winery estate in Elgin features a world-class distillery, barrelhouse, tasting room, and spacious event center in the heart of Arizona’s scenic wine country.

Our distillery began operating in August 2016. As one of Arizona’s largest growers of wine grapes, Flying Leap’s distilling emphasis is on grape-based spirits, including vodka, brandy, grappa, and an assortment of delicious infused liqueurs made from eau-de-vie. Our facility also includes a robust grain spirits production capability.

We operate a large hammermill for the grinding of malts, which are fed into our mash tuns, fermenters, and stills. We produce whiskies of all kinds, including aged bourbon, clear moonshine, rye, and single malt spirits.

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Made from the highest quality spices available anywhere!

Arizona Rub is all about adding flavor. Which is why we’re totally focused on perfecting the art of BBQ and making whatever you cook—wherever you cook it—as flavorful as possible. And we do it without adding MSG, wheat gluten, or artificial ingredients. Arizona Rub products are made from the highest quality spices available anywhere, and you always get 100% authentic Southwestern flavor.

While the company was officially started in 2008, formulation of the dry rubs began in 2003 while its founder, “RubMan” Dan was searching for the perfect dry rub for baby back ribs using traditional Southwestern flavors.

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A team of committed Arizona family farmers, skilled winemakers & artisan distillers...

Flying Leap is a committed team of Arizona family farmers, skilled winemakers & artisan distillers, and a team of passionate wine & spirits retail merchants. Flying Leap is also a full-service, direct distributor of its wines and spirits portfolio to on & off-premise wholesale customers across the United States. We grow a vast portfolio of French, Spanish and Italian winegrapes at our vineyards in southern and southeastern Arizona, and we produce a delicious array of ultra-premium wines and distilled spirits from our harvests.

Flying Leap is also the parent company of Arizona Rub. Arizona Rub is home to a family of premium dry rubs and seasonings that add authentic Southwestern flavor to all BBQ foods, including steaks, chops, ribs, roasts, and grilled vegetables.

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Flying Leap Vineyards Founded in 2010

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