Vineyards in Arizona

Flying Leap is a committed team of Arizona family farmers, skilled winemakers & artisan distillers, and a team of passionate wine & spirits retail merchants. We grow a vast portfolio of French, Spanish and Italian winegrapes at our vineyards in southern and southeastern Arizona, and we produce a delicious array of ultrapremium wines and distilled spirits from our harvests.

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About Flying Leap

We are a small farm winery and craft distillery based in the heart of Arizona’s scenic wine country south of Tucson. Our Company is vertically-integrated – we are Arizona family farmers, growing 18 different winegrape varietals at our vineyards located in southern and southeastern Arizona in the Sonoita and Willcox AVAs. We are a team of highly-skilled winemakers and distillers, producing and cellaring all of our wines and distilled spirits at our winery estate located in Elgin. Flying Leap is also a wine retailer, with seven tasting rooms located across the region.

Meet Our Team


Mark Beres - Flying Leap President
President & CEO/Co-Founder

Mark Beres

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Marc Moeller - Flying Leap Vice President
Vice President / Co-Founder

Marc Moeller

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Tom Kitchens - Flying Leap Co-Founder

Tom Kitchens

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Vineyard Staff

Stacy Luna - Flying Leap Director
Director, Vineyards

Stacy Luna

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Production Team

Director, Wine & Spirits Production & Cellarmaster

Rolf Sasse

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Rose Suntken - Winemaker & Distiller
Winemaker & Distiller

Rose Sasse

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Wine & Spirits Production Assistant

Brad Swepson

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Tasting Room Staff/ Sommeliers

Kinsey Wilson - Prescott Tasting Room
Prescott Tasting Room

Kinsey Wilson

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Tom Kitchens - Flying Leap Co-Founder
Bisbee Tasting Room

Tom Kitchens

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Karen Rollins - Elgin Tasting Room
Distillery Tasting Room (Elgin, AZ)

Karen Rollins

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Janie Gould - Tucson Tasting Room
Tucson Tasting Room (St. Phillips Plaza)

Janie Gould

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Julie Kluge - Winery & Tubac
Winery & Tubac Tasting Room

Julie Kluge

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Lanny Hardy - Tubac Tasting Room
Tubac Tasting Room

Lanny Hardy

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Sales & Marketing/Events & Promotions

Nicole Maddox - Events & Promotions
Events & Promotions

Nicole Maddox

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