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Grown, Produced, & Bottled in the Southwest

We make Ultra-premium Wine & Distilled Spirits

Flying Leap is a committed team of Arizona family farmers, skilled winemakers & artisan distillers, and a team of passionate wine & spirits retail merchants. Flying Leap is also a full-service, direct distributor of its wines and spirits portfolio to on & off-premise wholesale customers. We grow a vast portfolio of French, Spanish and Italian winegrapes at our vineyards in southern and southeastern Arizona, and we produce a delicious array of ultra-premium wines and distilled spirits from our harvests.

Flying Leap is also the parent company of Arizona Rub. Arizona Rub is home to a family of premium dry rubs and seasonings that add authentic Southwestern flavor to all BBQ foods, including steaks, chops, ribs, roasts, and grilled vegetables. Arizona Rub products are made from the highest quality, premium spices available, and contain no MSG or gluten.

Our Story Products that shaped our name

Flying Leap Vineyards was founded in 2010. Initially envisioned as a collaborative small business venture, primarily as a small-scale wine grape farming operation, the Company began in earnest developing what would later become its Block 1 vineyard in a small, rural agricultural growing area south of Willcox, Arizona known as the “Kansas Settlement”. These initial vines were planted in April 2011, and developed & trellised over three full growing seasons.

During these years Flying Leap purchased a small farm winery called “Canelo Hills” located in the heart of Arizona’s most scenic wine country south of Tucson. The purchase of this property in Elgin in February 2013 launched Flying Leap’s wine retail operations. With a new portfolio of ultra premium wines and a place to market and sell them, Flying Leap’s sales soared. The growing demand for the Company’s wines required more

planting, more expansion and the creation of more jobs. Three major vineyard expansions occurred between 2012 and 2016.

The Company began distilling in the Fall of 2016 and opened its distilled spirits tasting room at the winery estate in April 2017. Today, Flying Leap produces between 3,000 and 8,000 cases of wine annually depending on market demand and fruit allocations to the winery and distillery, which share the Company’s annual harvest. Flying Leap operates five wine tasting rooms and one distilled spirits tasting room in the Arizona market. Our products are grown, produced and bottled by Flying Leap – our wines and brandy-based spirits, including vodka are made from wine grapes harvested by-hand at our southern & southeastern Arizona vineyards. They genuinely express the distinctive terroir of Arizona’s unique growing sites and our microclimate, as well as the skill and patience of our production staff.

Our Team

We are a team of committed Arizona family farmers, skilled winemakers & artisan distillers

Mark Beres
Chief Executive Officer & President

Mark is the Chief Executive Officer & President of Flying Leap and is the company’s co-founder. Mark grew up in Walla Walla - one of Washington’s most exclusive winegrowing regions. He has several years of successful large-scale commercial viticulture experience, including all aspects of vineyard development, operations, and harvesting. A successful entrepreneur, his chief responsibilities are establishing and executing the company’s business strategies and promoting Flying Leap’s brands. Mark is also Flying Leap’s Master Distiller. Mark leads our distillery program, spirits production, and is the person behind the design, layout, and development of the company’s distillery infrastructure.

J. Michael Talarek
Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President

Mike is Flying Leap’s Vice President of Operations and Strategic Planning. He hails from Michigan. At Flying Leap, he focuses on enhancing the customer’s experience. His experience is a balance between the necessary agility to bring products to market quickly and leveraging corporate best practices to effectively scale and sustain our growth. Mike is helping FLV achieve success with our Phase 2 Business Expansion Plan, as well as many projects across the company, including Arizona Rub.

Sommelier - Winery Estate Tasting Room

Gabriel Morales is an Arizona native, self-taught chef and skilled wine enthusiast. Gabe has a great passion for the food and wine industry. He has owned several different restaurants and bars both in the US and Mexico. He loves to explore food and wine pairings, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with customers to enhance their wine country visits.

Sommelier - Prescott Tasting Room

Born and raised in Arizona, Kinsey enjoys everything this state has to offer, but mostly the emerging wine scene. She has lived in Prescott since 2015 and has come to love the small-town charm and cooler weather that northern Arizona boasts. Visit her at the Flying Leap tasting room in downtown Prescott where she will be thrilled to share with you her passion for wine and all things Arizona.

Sommelier - Distillery Tasting Room (Elgin, AZ)

Karen was born and raised in the south and moved to New Hampshire when her father retired from the military. In 2010 Karen fell in love with Arizona after a vacation here with her youngest son, calling it her little slice of heaven on Earth. Karen is passionate about our Estate Distillery in Elgin and has created several cocktails highlighting our spirits.

Sommelier – Tubac Tasting Room

Julie loves to discover new places, foods, and wine whenever possible. Originally hailing from Detroit, she has called Tucson home for over 15 years. She brings her enthusiasm for all the good things in life to Flying Leap and she looks forward to pouring you a flight of our outstanding wines.

Brand Ambassador/Wholesale Accounts Manager

Greg is a Tucson native, having lived in the southwestern United States his entire life. Greg has always loved fine wines and spirits and he grew up working in some of Tucson’s finest restaurants. He has also spent over 6 years as a fine wine and spirits distributor and loves to share his knowledge and passion with everyone. He is responsible for our wholesale business accounts, sales, and distribution across Arizona.

Brand Ambassador

Emily was born and raised in freezing Wisconsin and that’s exactly why she moved to Arizona! Being in the food and beverage industry for over sixteen years, Emily has a passion for delicious cuisine and amazing wine. Her favorite thing to do when she’s not selling wine and spirits is traveling the world. She has been to twenty countries and loves meeting people from all walks of life. Emily is responsible for our wholesale business accounts in Northern Arizona.

Vineyard Operations

Adam oversees our vineyard operations including all our company’s vines and viticulture team. Many of our vines he initially planted and are now at full maturity from his continued devotion. Adam’s love of earth and nature is demonstrated through his passionate caring of our many grape varietals and attending to their unique characteristics.

Sommelier – Bisbee and Flying Leap Winery Tasting Rooms

Linda is an Italian Midwest Transplant spending time with her father in Arizona. Linda has become enamored with the Arizona desert and their award-winning wine-producing climate. Yet, she hasn’t forgotten her roots and still vacations on her favorite lake in the Ozarks.

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