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Bahri Dates

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These delicious dates were hand-picked by scaling tall date palms at the Urban Grove in Tucson, Arizona. This lovely orchard was once part of a historic 450 acre citrus & date palm grove dating back to the early 1920’s, which was founded by Mr. M.L. Reid, father of Gene C. Reid (first director of Tucson City Parks and Recreation and namesake of Tucson's iconic Reid Park). Today The Urban Grove continues to thrive as a small but intimate citrus grove, date palm oasis and home to other varieties of fruit trees and gardens. The Bahri date's characteritic sweetness is unmatched, with a chewy texture and butterscotch flavor. These dates feeze well, and can be stored in the freezer for months then enjoyed as a cold, chewy snack. They are a nutrient dense superfood, locally-sourced from a family farm in the heart of Tucson, and make a wonderfully-sweet treat for holiday gatherings.

Hand-packed, 1-lb container

Note - Bahri dates are delicate, and their flavor & texture is best preserved by storing them in the freezer
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