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Vodka - Triple Distilled (750mL)

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Triple-Distilled from Our Wine
Size: 750 ml

Our vodkas are directly distilled from freshly-pressed wine. We use Ugni Blanc wine grapes, which we grow & harvest by-hand at our Block 3 vineyard in Willcox, Arizona. After vinification, the grapes are pressed, and the wine is loaded into our stills to produce the first distillate called "brouillis" (initial distillate of wine, usually about 30% alcohol). Brouillis is refined into pure vodka in follow-on distillation in our large column still. During distillation, the vodka comes off the column at about 97% ABV. For our triple-distilled product, we run the spirit through the column twice, which produces a very clean-flavored vodka. It's purity & smooth character make it an ideal vodka for a mixed drink, such as a Bloody Mary, Lime Rickey or in a classic Martini.

Distillate: Eau-de-Vie (clear brandy of winegrapes)
Strength: 80 Proof

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